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We currently offer group and private tours that bring Denver to life:

Western Renaissance- Explore the history behind Denver's theater and entertainment district. Enjoy evening in the "City of Lights". Discover how old world elegance came to the new American West through architecture and city planning.  Stop for a cool beverage at one of our hidden gems featuring craft beer.

The Dead Beat- What do the Grateful Dead and Beatniks have to do with Denver? Find out as you follow the path of famous Beat Poets who went on to spark magic bus tours of the 1960's.  Discover Denver's oldest bar. Includes dispensary stop, no smoking on the tour though.

Trains, Trolleys, and Tramps- Discover  Union Station and  Denver's rich transportation history. Learn how railroads shaped our city and the  history of homelessness and poverty in this boom and bust town.  Grab a drink alongside the tracks like the original tramps, only a little classier.

All sightseeing tours are not created equal! We are a locally owned and operated business. Our tours feature  immersive stories that you wont find anywhere else.

Explore hidden gems in the heart of Denver. 

Discover the safe sustainable way to see Colorado like a local.  

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Our tours are perfect for transplants, tourists, or locals who want to rediscover their city.  We curate each tour to highlight the City's landmarks with rich stories, architectural insights, and sometimes poetry.

See the sights of downtown Denver in a whole new light.

Become part of the vibrant scene that makes Denver an amazing city to live or play in!

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Clocktower Tour and Cabaret Show Nov. 1


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A behind the scenes tour of the historic Clocktower with Spooky stories of Denver's risque business and history of lights on LoDo. Includes Cabaret tickets and specially themed show. Meets at Clocktower lobby 6:30 PM. Private area at the cabaret to store belongings for the costume party and show. Prizes for costumes.


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Meet Summer Waters

Summer Waters is an accomplished public speaker and Emmy-Award winning video producer. In 2011 she became a Certified Interpretive Guide. This sparked her enthusiasm for leading groups of people on hikes to connect with nature and history. Since that time she has guided nature hikes and small plane flights in Colorado and Arizona, organized festivals, and worked with communities across the western United States on growth-related issues. Summer Waters has a long family history in Colorado and has lived in the Front Range off and on since 1996. Her interest in Beat Era poets stems from stories told by her mother who went to UC Berkeley in the 1960’s.  Summer grew up working in her dad's music store in Washington State, known to locals as The One Stop Bee Bop Shop.

Favorite Quote

"Whiskey is for Drinking, Water is for fighting over."

Mark Twain

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